Website Guide

Elite Football League - New Website

From Season 15, Elite Football League has an interactive, dynamic website which gives easier management of your team and better access to information.

This is a short guide on how to use the new site. Most areas are self-explanatory, but here are some key points.

Logging in

Most features can be accessed when you are not logged in (Guest User is displayed in the top right corner). However, you must be logged in to use the following:

- main / reserve teamsheet
- squad moves
- view past sheets
- view manager email addresses on the Teams page
- transfers (other than viewing completed deals)

These options do not appear on the menu bar when you are not logged in.


The old concept of submitting teamsheets no longer applies. Instead, your current squads and teamsheets (main and reserve) are always stored on the server.

You can edit your teamsheets, and make squad moves, at any time you like, up to the teamsheet deadline (which is shown on the Home page). "Your teamsheets are open" appears in the top right when you are logged in during this time.

When the deadline is reached, "Your teamsheets are locked" appears in the top right (when you are logged in), and the Main Sheet, Reserve Sheet and Squad Moves options disappear from the menu bar.

When the administrator uploads the match results and updated squads, the teamsheets are re-opened for editing.

If you want to keep the same teamsheet as last week, and none of your players are injured or suspended, you don't need to do anything - there is no need to update your teamsheet if it's still valid. However, sooner or later of course your players will lose fitness and need to be rotated.

If your teamsheet is not valid when the deadline is reached, you will play with a T sheet (442N and 60% skills). If you fail to submit a valid teamsheet three games in a row without explanation or contacting admin, you will be sacked and removed from the game.

You can enter conditional orders into the text box on the teamsheet page, but this is a completely manual operation. The website does not check whether your conditionals are valid.

You can move up to 6 players between your two squads each week, via "Squad Moves" on the main menu. You can undo redo this as many times as you like, but the site will not allow you to go above 6 moves. The players who are currently being moved appear highlighted on this page. When the teamsheets are unlocked after the matches are played, the moves are reset to zero. Before league week 1 is played, squad moves are unlimited.

The Past Sheets page shows a record of your squad and teamsheet for every completed match so far. At the end of the season you can save a copy of this page for your records.

Team information

Current main and reserve squads for all teams are shown on the Teams page. This also shows manager information, stadium information, and the number of remaining scout missions. Players who are on loan appear highlighted. Note that you must be logged in to see managers' email addresses.


For Season 16, transfers and scout missions are done online via the Transfers page of the website. Do not email admin to carry out transfers. Please read the EFL rules before setting up a transfer.

The transfer process is as follows:

1. Managers negotiate the deal by email or forum PM.
2. Either manager clicks "Create new transfer deal".
3. Select the team to deal with and click "Create deal".
4. A table is shown, listing all the players of each team and a space for cash. Each column of the table represents what each team is putting into the deal. For each team, tick the player(s) to be put into the deal, and enter the amount of cash that each team is putting into the deal (if any).
5. If the deal is a loan, select "yes". Multi-player loan deals are allowed, and payment is allowed for loans as well.
6. Click "Update deal".
7. The deal is now shown on your transfer page only with "draft" status. You can edit it again, delete it, or submit it to the other manager for approval.
8. When you have submitted for manager approval, you can change your mind and withdraw the deal - it returns to "draft".
9. The second manager can approve the deal or reject it. If he rejects it, a reason must be given. Normally deals should be agreed in advance so they should not normally be rejected. This is only expected to happen if a mistake has been made, or the second manager has changed his mind.
10. Finally the deal is sent for Admin approval. If Admin approves the deal, the player(s) are moved between the squads and cash is transferred.

To request a scout mission, click "Request scout mission" and then select the position and age range required. The scouted player details will be displayed. Then return to the transfers page to accept or reject the player. If you accept, you will be prompted to name him and he will be added to your squad and cash deducted. If you reject him, he will be put up for auction.

Admin approval is not required for scout missions. You do not need to accept / reject a mission before you request the next one.

Auction bidding on unwanted scout missions is done online. Click on the hours remaining to go to the bid page, then enter your bid. The initial bid may be equal to the scout's value; subsequent bids must be at least 0.1M higher than the current high bid.

If your bid remains unbeaten for 24 hours, you win the auction and you will be prompted to name the player the next time you visit the Trabsfers page. Once this is done, the player will be added to your squad and cash transferred.

Where to find...?

Fixtures                                Divisions* -> [choose division]
Match reports                           Divisions* -> [choose division] -> [click the scoreline]
Injuries, suspensions etc               Divisions* -> [choose division] -> Weekly Stats
Divisional history                      Divisions* -> [choose division] -> History
Top scorers, average attendances, etc   Divisions -> [choose division] -> League Stats
Challenge Cup                           Divisions -> Challenge Cup
Team historical performance             Teams -> Honours
Team historical squads                  Teams -> Squad History
Manager details                         Teams
Stadium details                         Teams
Remaining scout missions                Transfers
Request scout mission                   Teams
Change password                         Teams (only appears when logged in)

* For FA Cup and League Cup equivalents, follow FA Cup or League Cup on the menu bar instead of Divisions.

Further help

For further help, please check the forum help thread for the new site:

to see if the problem has already been reported or solved. If not, please post on the forum and we will help you!

If something doesn't work, something is wrong, or something can be improved, please don't hesitate to post on the forum. But please check first whether it's already been reported. :)