Manager Quotes Archive

Elite FA Cup Qualifiers 1st Leg
Taker (Schalke 04): Loss in the first game of the season, however some of the players shown there quality. We'll be hoping that players perform better in the league. Going down to ten men also did not help although United did dominate the game and probably deserved the result. We need to play better and have more of the ball.

League Week 1
Grant (Rangers FC): Good away point, but a scrappy match .
Glen (Valencia): Second guessed our tactics and tried to be too clever, so no surprise we got beat!
Hill (Juventus): A good point against a tough opponent.
Coady (Hearts): looking forward to this next match

League Week 2
Grant (Rangers FC): Great three points this week !
Hill (Juventus): Read their tactics like a book, but one mistake cost us.
Taker (Schalke 04): Great result for both sides today, managed to win which was fantastic and all the players really worked hard and did there best. We are hoping that results can continue to be positive for the up coming season ahead.

Elite League Cup Match 1
Grant (Rangers FC): Pinched the win at the death !
Hill (Juventus): Savic earns a point!

League Week 4
Hill (Juventus): Held our own for a bit, but Vydra was the difference.
Grant (Rangers FC): as expected
Lobozinski (Inter Milan): Unexpected result against Elite powerhouse!

Elite League Cup Match 2
Lobozinski (Inter Milan): Well that was unexpected, draw away to Santos, I've even played a joker on Santos win ..
Hill (Juventus): We're playing some good football, but just can't convert it into wins.

League Week 5
Grant (Rangers FC): another loss, plummetting fast
Lobozinski (Inter Milan): Very happy with a away draw to Ajax, we expected to lose this fixture but we are more than happy to take a draw.

Elite League Cup Match 3
Lobozinski (Inter Milan): Very pleased with the result and the progression to the next round of the League Cup. Reserves did us proud in 3 games of the cup so far.
Hill (Juventus): Just could't do enough to qualify, game 1 told.
Taker (Schalke 04): Great performance in the cup so far, I believe that puts us threw to the next round. I am trying to do the best I can in all trophies this season as I want this club to really start going places. Some people might see what we played tonight as negative but we had a lot of the ball and could have scored more than the three we did. Young Perry is specially catching the eye in the attacking Midfield roll. He's really made the place in the team his own and has been one of the stand out players. Young who came up from the reserves for the game really tried hard as well. He may get more chances in the reserve team after his performance in this game. Ryan Niyamb also made his first first team appearance and played well also. He's however got a long way to develop yet before he really becomes a star but there is no doubt he will be.

League Week 6
Grant (Rangers FC): another loss, plummetting fast

Elite FA Cup Group Game 1
Hill (Juventus): Arsenal are bang on form - well played.

League Week 7
Hill (Juventus): Keeping it down to 1-0 was at least respectable!
Grant (Rangers FC): another painful loss, the hurt keeps coming !

League Week 8
McKay (Aberdeen): We Just Take One Game At A Time, Can We Win The Elite League? Don't Be Stupid
Grant (Rangers FC): LLLLLLLL...................
Hill (Juventus): Credit to Celtic - their defence held on well.

League Week 9
Grant (Rangers FC): Gazza gives the fans a point for xmas !
Taker (Schalke 04): Good score draw, both clubs doing well this season and we've finally found some goals as well which is a bonus.

Elite FA Cup Group Game 4
Grant (Rangers FC): Unexpected victory, gives us a slim chance of progression

League Week 10
Grant (Rangers FC): shock victory in the league, lads buzzin !
Hill (Juventus): Good defensive performance.
Lobozinski (Inter Milan): Great away win. Totally unexpected but we will take it.

Elite FA Cup Group Game 5
Glen (Valencia): Good result against Barca which see's us through to the next round.
Grant (Rangers FC): Great win away to Aberdeen to progress to the next round

League Week 11
Grant (Rangers FC): Poor discipline cost us this week
Hill (Juventus): Clattenburg is a German name, originally.

League Week 12
Hill (Juventus): Held on for the point in the end, and had a few chances ourselves.
Grant (Rangers FC): Ground out a hard win againt a battling Inter team, backs to the wall for the rest of the season
Glen (Valencia): Great performance this week.

League Week 13
Hill (Juventus): The lads did well restricting their new signing. Thought we got the tactics right, got to be happy with the point.
Grant (Rangers FC): fair draw this week, our mega strike force huffed and puffed !

League Week 14
Hill (Juventus): Got the first goal and shut up shop, but it wasn't enough - well played Osasuna.

League Week 16
Taker (Schalke 04): Can't fault the players for this weeks performance. Every single player did what was asked of them and every single one of them played like they wanted this result. After seasons of working and a double relegation it looks like we may finally have struck a good formula and have a good side with a mix of youth and experience. We had a new front paring today and to be honest both played like they'd been in the team for seasons rather than it only being there first matches. We have a strong side now and look like we might get promoted. As a smaller club we need to pic up the deals ware we're able to and concentrate on making sure that we not only start building to see how far we can go but also to make sure that we can get into a better financial position so we can improve facilities and also work on getting some good young players coming threw at this club.

Elite FA Cup Quarter Finals
Hill (Juventus): Delighted with the win, the run goes on!

League Week 17
Hill (Juventus): Good draw against Ajax, the team is playing well.

Elite FA Cup Semi Finals
McKay (Aberdeen): Lady Luck Shines On Us, We Can Go To The Final Now And Enjoy Our Day Whatever Happens
Hill (Juventus): No shame going out on penalties to a top team!

League Week 20
Hill (Juventus): Inter wanted it more...good luck to them in their fight!
Taker (Schalke 04): What a fantastic result for the lads, with only two games to go we find ourselves top of the league on goal difference after beeting Everton. We have had to claw back a seven point gap to get to this stage and have managed to do that. We need to continue to play well in our last two games and really work on trying to win this title. If the elite FA decide I am now ready to move on to a bigger challenge and try at a better club I would like to end my time at Schalk with a title win. The players have been fantastic this season and my plan to stop just developing a young team and start going for results rather than development has payed off. We are now playing a better brand of football and it's showing. If I do leave Schalk it'll be sad but I am ambitious and keen to show my potential at a club with better resources as I really feel I have taken this club as far as I can and am ready for a new challenge. However if the Elite FA don't feel I am ready to move on yet then I'll stay committed to Sshalk and see how we perform in devision one.
Glen (Valencia): Good results today for both teams, 1St team are now secure pushing for the playoffs and the reserves are pushing for a 2nd place finish.

League Week 22
Ridout (Bayern Munich): Chris ridout has officially joined the German giants

League Play Off 1st Leg
Taker (Schalke 04): Good result in leg one a clean sheet at home although would rather have a stronger lead. It would be great to end my rain at this club with a promotion. Looking forward to going back home to England to Manage but I have really enjoyed my time at this club and have learned a lot. I would love to end my time here by winning the playoffs before my move to Chelsea.

League Play Off 2nd Leg
Taker (Schalke 04): Congratulations to Liverpool on getting to the playoff final. I hope that whoever comes to Schalk will enjoy the side that has been built there. I will miss this club but Looking forward to the new adventure at Chelsea and seeing what I can do there.