Manager Quotes Archive

League Week 1
McKay (Aberdeen): Fantastic Start Away At Barcelona, Great Start For J_Garner
Grant (Rangers FC): Routine win , team performed well. hopefully build some form
Glen (Valencia): Played really well against probably the best team in Division 1.
Lobozinski (Inter Milan): Expected to lose but not to be humiliated. Players docked wages which will be donated to charity
Hill (Juventus): Routine rotation to prepare for the more important game next week - Team played well, the new signings are fitting in well
McNamara (Schalke 04): Fantastic first game of the season for the lads. It is good to start with a win and hopefully we can continue some good form this season. this season is all about rebuilding and looking at the direction our young side is going.

League Week 2
Lobozinski (Inter Milan): Drew at home to Porto. We feel like we should of had all 3 points but we will take it.
Grant (Rangers FC): Yoyo results in the league, going to be a long hard fought out campaign
McKay (Aberdeen): Bore draw, not what we were looking for after last weeks away win at Barcelona, maybe time to change tactics
McNamara (Schalke 04): Bad result today, the lads know they did not do enough this game and at home that's very disappointing.
Hill (Juventus): Resting the squad for week 1 paid off here. Unlucky PSG

League Week 3
Hill (Juventus): Early goal meant we sat back and grabbed the points - Unlucky Lyon - Clearly a top 4 developing in Division 1
Grant (Rangers FC): Almighty Tussle with old foes Roma
McKay (Aberdeen): Disappointed to lose our first game of the season but the performance was pleasing
Coady (Hearts): trying out a new strategy and am quite hopefull

Elite League Cup Match 1
Grant (Rangers FC): awesome
Hill (Juventus): Powerful performane against a well organised side
Glen (Valencia): Rotated our keepers and forwards and seen good gains Aswell as a result.

League Week 4
Hill (Juventus): We'll take this point - even with 10 men, they had enough quality to cause us problems.

Elite League Cup Match 2
Hill (Juventus): Went down to 10 mid way through the first half and battled for the draw. Nicely poised for the final game.

League Week 5
Hill (Juventus): Not the result we were after, but all credit to Milan.