Manager Quotes Archive

Elite FA Cup Qualifiers 1st Leg
Parkinson (Paris Saint Germain): Fantastic result, happy to be off with a winning start.
Perry (Sao Paulo FC): Two men sent off in game one! glad to keep the score at 1-0 and give us a fighting chance in the home leg
Cuthbertson (Feyenoord): Fortunate to get a lead in the tie - lots to do if I want to get through to face the big boys..

League Week 1
Coady (Aston Villa): the boys are sad that the match was not a win. they are looking forward to the next match and hope to bring home a win.
McNamara (Schalke 04): Well done to the boys, fantastic result, although defence going to have to tighten up as we're not going to score 4 goals every game. Great Performance from new signing Sansao hat trick on his Debut
Winzor (FC Porto): good to start the season with a win :)
Grant (Rangers FC): Flying start for Rangers !

League Week 2
McNamara (Schalke 04): Solid in defence, however did not create enough at the other end of the pitch. Lads made a really good effort though throughout the whole match so can't complain. Will be giving our back up players a chance in the cap game on Thursday see how they perform.
Raggett (Bayern Munich): Happy to draw after forgetting to sheet
Winzor (FC Porto): come away from Munich with a point, very good point. slightly edged the stats too so very happy with the performance
Ridout (AS Roma): give up . com
Coady (Aston Villa): The lads are really looking forward to the next match. hoping to bring a win back for the club.

Elite League Cup Match 1
Grant (Rangers FC): Crushing 5-0 win !!

League Week 3
Grant (Rangers FC): Great win this week, and i get the bragging rights in the Grant household !
Winzor (FC Porto): good start to the season with another win.
McNamara (Schalke 04): A really good start to the season so far. a win a draw and a loss. four points from the first three games is pretty good.

Elite League Cup Match 2
Grant (Rangers FC): Good steady point in a tricky cup tie !
Taker (Manchester City): Don't try and play D against the master
McNamara (Schalke 04): With one game to go we need all three points to stand any chance of getting threw.
McKay (Aberdeen): Happy With A 2-0 Away Win, Sitting Proud At The Top Of The Table With One Match Left
Winzor (FC Porto): very poor from my strikers..... couldnt find a way past a 27rtd keeper :/
Coady (Aston Villa): The boys are hoping for a win in the next match. they have been training and are ready to show how well they have trained.

League Week 4
McNamara (Schalke 04): Unlucky result for the first team a really good performance but Munic just had to much. However player manager McNamara hits five on his first match for the reserves helping them to a 9 2 win. McNamara Mixicos and Neutral have good futures in the game weather it is for us or another club. Over 5 of the players got over 100 abs as well.
Dalmedo (Arsenal): Annoying first loss of the season... smash and grab!
Grant (Rangers FC): Good form continues after hard fought away win versus Newcastle

League Week 5
Grant (Rangers FC): Men against boys as Roma are thrashed !!
Hill (Juventus): Spitting Incident marred an otherwise entertainig game. Any Juventus player doing that will be in serious trouble.
McKay (Aberdeen): Great Win Away To A Very Strong Valencia Team, Very Proud Of Our Lads, Hard Place To Pick Up Anything
Cuthbertson (Feyenoord): Disappointing first game in charge losing 3-1 from being a goal ahead. Lots of work still to be done to improve our league position.
Glen (Valencia): Knew we would struggle this season with a lower rated keeper between the sticks, but we will try to chip away at it.
McNamara (Schalke 04): Bad result this week against one of the title contenders. however the lads tried hard Benfeeka just had two much for us in the end.

Elite FA Cup Group Game 1
Cuthbertson (Feyenoord): Excellent result winning away at Marseille, boys were amazing!! Onto the next one!
Grant (Rangers FC): Great win and a good start in the cup !
McNamara (Schalke 04): Bad loss for the team however Our defence was blameless for this loss. Had we played our better keeper I don't believe it would have been a 3 0 scoreline. Diop and Matip both scoring over 100 ABS Diob has been one of the most successful signings that we've made and Joal Mate is showing me that he's still there fighting as next season we'll be losing some of our defenders and Matip is looking ready to take over again next season.
Grant (Osasuna): We got off to a good start topping our group, next up the task of Bayern
Kevany (Atletico Madrid): We knew we were up agaist it but gave a good showing

League Week 6
McNamara (Schalke 04): Unlucky loss for the lads again. However we're more than competing in every game so even if we do go down the players can be really pleased with how they are performing.
Coady (Aston Villa): a bit of a rocky start but the team is getting in to its stride. some new faces will help to bring the team up.

Elite FA Cup Group Game 2
Grant (Rangers FC): Good solid draw in the FA Cup, qualification is on !!
Ciccotelli (Lyon): Played against 10 men for 81 minutes but couldn't break down a dogged Arsenal and conceded two sloppy goals.
Taker (Manchester City): Elite chairman forces 13 raters to play. They deliver

League Week 7
McNamara (Schalke 04): Well done to the boys, a great win against one of the top teams in this league. Not only did we outplay them we were solid and created chances. Diop especially has turned in to a great signing for our club. It was a questionable deal when done because we payed a lot of money for him but he's more than repaying that price.
McKay (Aberdeen): Tried To Park The Bus To Get Some Kind Of Result, Wasn't To Be..Well Done Benfica
Hill (Juventus): The Ibrox atmosphere made the difference today. Well done The Gers.
Winzor (FC Porto): Good result against Madrid who were missing their shooting boots luckily for us
Grant (Rangers FC): Ground out the win this week, we were made to huff and puff, but i will take that every week if i have to !

Elite FA Cup Group Game 3
Hill (Juventus): Not beating Roma in the last round cost us. Well done to them. Time to focus solely on the league now.
McNamara (Schalke 04): Well , that is the cup over for another season. Despite the 3 0 loss I am really pleased with how the lads played. We more than matched our apponantce and did not deserve the 3-0 scoreline that we got beat by. Now we can fully concentrate on the league and really start trying to plan for the future of the club. if we can do the unexpected and survive in Elite then we can plan for the future of the club in a bigger way.
Taker (Manchester City):
Grant (Rangers FC): Came undone and put out by a fiesty Psg team

League Week 8
Taker (Manchester City): Banned from talking but not from producing 😎
Grant (Rangers FC): Great win against the Jambos, routing stuff, we are still riding high on top of the league!

League Week 9
Ridout (AS Roma): Totti totti totti
Grant (Rangers FC): The great run continues in the league, we have to keep pushing !

League Week 10
McNamara (Schalke 04): Another loss, however I feel I have now worked out our problem. Defensively and in midfield we are more than able to cope and our strikers have the ability to put the ball in the net. However our keeper for this particular devision is two week. We may have to look in to the possibility of trying to get a higher rated goalkeeper in till the end of the seasonn to see if we can try and save ourselves. if any clubs have a spare keeper who is better than 32 rated and willing to let them go for a good price please let us know.
Grant (Osasuna): New star T_Muller welcomed into the Osasuna revolution
Grant (Rangers FC): tight game that could have swung any way, some nice trash talk pre match ;-)

League Week 11
Hill (Juventus): Vital away win. Delighted. Still plenty of work to do.
Grant (Rangers FC): Double training sessions for the lads as form starts to slip

Elite FA Cup Quarter Finals
Glen (Valencia): Big win in the cup, looking for the same in the league.

League Week 12
Grant (Rangers FC): Thumping win this week, chances galore for both sides !
Winzor (FC Porto): Absolutely shocking that
Neilson (Celtic FC): A great result which puts us 3 points ahead of Benfica.
McKay (Aberdeen): M_Icardi Looks To Be Heading To Valencia Later Today

League Week 13
Grant (Rangers FC): Massive win this week against my nearest challenger, the bogey is put to bed !
Taker (Manchester City): We will avoid relegation. Watch and learn
Kevany (Atletico Madrid): Keeping the pressure on for play-off position. Possibly could win the league but relying on other results.
Winzor (FC Porto): nice win and a nice bounce back from the previous shocker

League Week 14
Winzor (FC Porto): well probably the first time we have played the same formation/tactic twice but was guessed that we would...... conspiracy i tell ya haha
Hill (Juventus): Pundits will say 'smash and grab' there, but our defence was outstanding today
Grant (Rangers FC): Dominant win and we continue on our path towards the Elite league

League Week 15
Cuthbertson (Feyenoord): 4 games unbeaten for Feyenoord now. Trying to finish the season as strong as we can to prepare for next season.
Hill (Juventus): We made our own luck today
Grant (Rangers FC): Team struggled to a draw this week, gave the lads a few days off to rest up, told them to come back and blitz this title !!

League Week 16
Hill (Juventus): It took a wonder goal to beat us today. Credit to both teams for a cracking game, and we wish Barca well in their run in.
Grant (Rangers FC): Good point after going down to 10 men early in the game

League Week 17
Ciccotelli (Lyon): i'm Happy, the fans are Happy. 2 match and 2 victory, c'mon Lyon ;)
Hill (Juventus): Bremen fought hard and deserved their point.
O'Brien (Everton): Biggggg win!
Grant (Rangers FC): Nice win this week, was a potential banana skin !
Winzor (FC Porto): we nicked that win, good job we got the early goal as could have gone the other way after we lost a player.

League Week 18
Grant (Rangers FC): Champions !!!!!!
Hill (Juventus): A good battle - Rangers Div 1 winners - well done Gazza
Glen (Valencia): good result and much needed points.

League Week 19
Grant (Rangers FC): Rangers prove they are the best !
Lobozinski (Inter Milan): A brave draw against Barcelona.Still alive in a cut throat fight for 2 place and direct promotion to Elite League. New signing Boss fakes an injury in 6th minute to makes things complicated for his team.
Hill (Juventus): A good point against a good young team
Winzor (FC Porto): Well that was some crazy ass game :o

League Week 20
Grant (Rangers FC): Fiery game as 2 see red for Gers, but we march on to another 3 points!
Hill (Juventus): Crespo comes back to haunt!