Manager Quotes Archive

Elite FA Cup Qualifiers 1st Leg
McNamara (Chelsea): Bad loss for our first game back, Played completely the wrong tactic I don't think A will be being used hugely this season after that performance. Our young player on loan from Villa in Midfield was the bright spark in this game, his passing made things happen and with a better tactic I don't believe the los would have been as heavy. Against a team similar quality to ours we should not be losing by that heavy margin and the players know if they want to keep there places there going to have to make an effort to turn up more ready to do there best in future games.

League Week 1
Lear (AC Milan): Glad that game's over! Not the best way to start the season.
Grant (Rangers FC): Off to a great start, hopefully we can build some momentum
Hill (Juventus): The Gunners had the best defensive record in the league last season. Wasn't hard to see why today.
McKay (Aberdeen): Delighted with the result and the performances of Baggio & Shaddix
McNamara (Chelsea): bad start to the season, however there were positives to take from the game. We had a decent amount of the ball however did not make any chances count.
Neilson (Celtic FC): Always good to start the season with a win and even more when you're away to a rival.

League Week 2
Lear (AC Milan): Great result after 10th minute sending off.
Hill (Juventus): Adey did the business. Everton next up, always a tough match.

Elite FA Cup Qualifiers 2nd Leg
McNamara (Chelsea): Had the best of the game however just could not finish enough chances. Loudrup on loan from Villa yet again put in a fantastic performance as did our whole midfield four. Skiba with two goals is really knocking on the door for a start in the next league game with Markus Rashford being off form currently. Although we had the best of the stats it's the chances that count and Sunderland were more clinical in this regard. If Skiba had put one more of his many chances away then there is every chance this result could have been different. So now we're out of this competition and it's time to re focus on the league and make sure we try and add to our first point in last weeks game.

League Week 3
Lear (AC Milan): Great away win in France and former player Stanfield didn't find the net!
McNamara (Chelsea): Great result for the team, first win on the board and it's one we needed. We had a very good plan and although they went one up we never gave up and carried on till the end. There are also some eye catching performers in the reserves currently Especially Haynes up front, our main strikers will have to watch out as his performances in the reserve side are being noticed. Also our three young lads on loan at Celtic reserves are doing amazingly well and if they continue this season to play like they are that loan is going to turn out very successfully with three very good players hopefully coming back. It is a relationship I may conceder keeping going if the results turn out as promising as started by the end of the season.
Hill (Juventus): Another solid performance against a quality Everton set up. Moving nicely into second gear.

Elite League Cup Match 1
McNamara (Chelsea): Although this was a loss, have to give credit to the players in this one, although we were against a very strong elite league side the players more than held there own, there strikers just happened to be to strong for us in the end and managed to take there chances. However this is very positive for the future of our season in devision two if we can find the write tactics in matches we should be able to gain some good abs and make sure players develop really well. Loudrup our young player on loan played very well again and there is every chance we may approach Aston Villa to see what the chances are of making this lads deal into a permanent one. He's really hit the ground running since arriving on loan and although today moved to the left wing it did not faze him. The defence were strong and really performed well against a very good strike force and midfield. A lot of positives to take from this one despite the loss although in our next league game some of our fringe players specially in midfield may have to play due to trying to keep players fit.
Hill (Juventus): Milan were unlucky tonight, it took a bit of class from Zidane to separate the teams.

League Week 4
Hill (Juventus): A player said to me afterwards 'a couple of them were wearing clogs, and the goalie was eating cheese throughout'. I'll check the footage. Have to say I'm glad to come away unscathed - the 343 took us by surprise - effective.
McNamara (Chelsea): Another positive win on the board so that's two out of four for the upcoming season. A positive performance and if we can keep this up we could end up back in devision one next season. The whole squad when used have contributed to the start of the season and there have been some very positive performances through out the team both from the main 11 and the fringe players also. All players have played a part this season and that's what is needed.

Elite League Cup Match 2
McNamara (Chelsea): Did not do enough in this one, we had the most of the game, more shots and more of the ball but just could not make it count. Rashford however looked dangerous and loudrup again had another very good match. The whole team played well but Newcastle took there chances which is what counts in football. The players are working hard but we need to convert more of the chances we get.

Elite League Cup Match 3
McNamara (Chelsea): Out of the cup, however the players played fantastic in this game. Win was well deserved and everyone contributed to the result. Now on to trying to get some success in the new lower devision cup that is coming into play this season.
Hill (Juventus): Set up not to lose with a strong side - so the win was a bonus. Back to the league with a trip to a strong Feyenoord side.

League Week 6
McNamara (Chelsea): Another point on the board which is vital to us, Hopefully the signing of Rejected scout Ryan Field will boost the sides scoring up, with four younger strikers now on the team it means we can let Sudu go and he's now on the auction list. hopefully we can get a decent price for him so that we can then potentially look into improving our first team with more younger players.

Elite FA Cup Group Game 1
Hill (Juventus): All credit to The Gunners, they've left it all for us to do now, not going to be easy in a tough group.

League Week 7
Glen (Valencia): Woop woop we won.
McNamara (Chelsea): On reflection after the game this was probably a fair result, Inter have a way better squad however we were able to hold our own which was impressive. The new formation worked quite well although five at the back is not my usual way of playing due to signing Dickson and him and Mance being better than there ages we needed to find a way of fitting them in. Gibson and Madell and Boomsong have been solid so far so it was important to keep them in as there all on course to rate up this season.

Elite FA Cup Group Game 3
Hill (Juventus): Early goals wrap up the game, pulls us back in the group, still plenty to do though.

League Week 9
McNamara (Chelsea): Really pleased with the teams performance, however it's not a formation I will probably use for the whole of the season, because we did let in two goals although due to fitness issues we were not playing the first choice defence that we would usually choose. Field, Rashford and Skiba were the goal scorers which is good to see as our forwards are all at least getting in on the act this season which is what we need. Our team is starting to play well and with the bigger squad it gives us options to rest players when needed and we're still playing players of a similar rating, if we were in a higher league we'd probably have to think about our policy a bit more but in this lower league it gives us the opportunity to give everyone game time and concentrate on the players we really want to improve.

League Week 13
McKay (Aberdeen): Great 3-1 home win against Tottenham, hopefully our form can continue in the coming weeks
Stockley (Lyon): 1st game in charge

Elite League Cup 2nd Round
Hill (Juventus): Went to plan, unlucky Spurs - not what you'd call any smaller teams left, so should be a hard draw, no matter who you get.

League Week 14
McNamara (Chelsea): Results are not consistent for us this season, although we are starting to score goals. The three up top has not been working so maybe time for a change.
Stockley (Lyon): bring on man city

Elite FA Cup 2nd Round
Hill (Juventus): Good win tonight, two early goals were enough in the end. Hitting third gear now.

League Week 15
Stockley (Lyon): played 2 won 2

Lower Division Cup 1st Round 1st Leg
Hill (Juventus): Chelsea gave us a scare there - not counting chickens for the return leg .
Stockley (Lyon): dissapointing home draw with psg