Manager Quotes Archive

Elite Challenge Cup
Brown (Rangers FC): Another cup for Rangers, Fans go Wild !!

Elite FA Cup Qualifiers 1st Leg
McNamara (Chelsea): Decent point specially as Aston Villa were the better side overall over the whole 90 minutes. The lads specially the new signings shown some quality, goalkeeper Gorden was fantastic between the sticks and if he plays like that most weeks, once we find a really good formation that suits our side hopefully we can get some positive results. Based on this game Skiba carries on his fantastic performances of last season, leaving us with a situation, he's our best striker but there are three better rated ones ahead of him. This gives me a tough choice to make, do I play him despite him being lower rated than my others or do I persevere. My strikers are going to have to really fight for who wants places this season because it's something I'll be keeping a very close eye on.
Brown (AS Roma): Disappointed not to get the win! After clearly being the dominant side!

League Week 1
McNamara (Chelsea): Great result for the lads, could not have asked for Better, the two new signings in Midfield are making a massive difference already, Charlton getting two goals was a fantastic first start for the club. Our keeper also had a great game on loan for the season and made a great first start, every single player who made there first appearance in the league all did something positive. Our front two although non of them scored were dangerous.
Lear (AC Milan): Disappointed to lose as Schalke do a 'smash and grab'
Brown (AS Roma): 3-0 defeat to Man City disappointing but probably expected

League Week 2
McNamara (Chelsea): Played very good football and were well in the game, however did not create enough chances in front of goal and the ones we did create we did not take. However our new players who've not long arrived had very good first games for the club. The formation had promised and on another day the result could have been very different. However we move on to the next game now and accept you can't win everything. Reserves again way better side and deserved more than the draw we got, a loss of concentration for a second from one of our star defenders cost us that game, had that mistake not been made we would probably have won.
Perry (Marseille): Great win, pity about the injury and suspension with a small squad

Elite FA Cup Qualifiers 2nd Leg
McNamara (Chelsea): Lost the game on the night, however the 3-1 win away just gave us enough to go through, had we not scored that extra goal in the game tonight we'd have ended up in extra time and maybe Penalties. The lads have done well to get through to this competition as we failed last season. We'll be trying our best in all competitive games this season as we want to improve the clubs success.

League Week 3
Lear (AC Milan): Another league game without a goal from Milan. Fans are starting to show disapproval.
McNamara (Chelsea): Unfortunate result in last game, played reasonably well but did not do enough in front of goal.

June Ridout Memorial Cup Match 1
Stockley (Lyon): great convincing win in the cup

League Week 4
Stockley (Lyon): 1st defeat of the season had to come
McNamara (Chelsea): Well done to the team, a great win and not a bad start to the season so far, the lads have shown massive commitment and I have strong hopes that our young side are going to develop well during the season. It's going to be a hard season but hopefully if the players can continue to pull together we can achieve results.

June Ridout Memorial Cup Match 2
McNamara (Chelsea): Very unfortunate to lose this one, The lads played well and really made a massive effort.

League Week 5
Brown (Rangers FC): Manager Gazza claims Juve are his play thing !
Hill (Juventus): He plays with many things, one thing in particular!

June Ridout Memorial Cup Match 3
Stockley (Lyon): still not sure how this works but anyway we go out

League Week 7
Stockley (Lyon): superb 4 0 away win best result and performance of the season
Brown (Rangers FC): Here we go, here we go, here we go!

League Week 8
McNamara (Chelsea): Another decent results, we're putting points on the board and our young lads are doing really well. everyone has settled into the squad well and it's exciting to see the future of this team.

Elite FA Cup Group Game 5
Stockley (Lyon): happy to go to the mighty munich and beat them on there own turf

League Week 11
McKay (Aberdeen): Disappointing results, totally underestimated Tottenham and deserved nothing from the game
Stockley (Lyon): another superb result from the lads
Neilson (Celtic FC): A great result see's us go 7 points clear at the half way stage of the season.

League Week 12
McNamara (Chelsea): SO far we're having a steady season, a few two many draws but we're not losing many games either. players are performing well and with a couple of our reserves not far off being promoted competition will hot up for places.

League Week 13
Lear (AC Milan): At last we score some goals and manage to keep a clean sheet to win 2 nil

June Ridout Memorial Cup 2nd Round
Brown (Rangers FC): Brown totally disappointed to be out of the June Ridout Memorial Cup!

League Week 15
McKay (Aberdeen): Thankful for the 3 points but really struggled against a poor opposition

League Week 16
McKay (Aberdeen): massive away win against a very capable team

League Week 18
McNamara (Chelsea): Need to take more chances when we get them, we're playing some good football and our players are developing not to badly currently but we'll need to continue improving and keeping the age reasonable but developing players to be the best they can be.

Intercontinental Cup Quarter Finals
Stockley (Lyon): very happy to reach my 1st semi finals

Elite FA Cup Semi Finals
Brown (Rangers FC): :-(
Dalmedo (Arsenal): :-)

League Week 20
McNamara (Chelsea): A positive result this game and the team played really well, the players shown hunger and desire and it's made us think about where we want to go long term. we're still looking to keep the age down as much as possible but we will now be signing players for as cheap as possible but with higher skill ratings to enable us to start achieving better results therefor hopefully obtaining better prize money.
Brown (Rangers FC): R_Giovinco, B_Abdoulaye, L_Diame, & the great R_Acquafresca to thank the home fans as they attend their last home game before retiring,

League Week 21
McNamara (Chelsea): Great result, really frustrating knowing we can play like this but have not done it all season. Fantastic performance against a very good side.
Stockley (Lyon): superb result as we sit in 3rd and will finish in the top 4

League Week 22
McNamara (Chelsea): Great final game of the season and a positive result, with a few games to go we were bottom so to get the finish we did in both reserves and first team is very pleasing as results were not consistent even though we did play good football. In this game we were solid and if we'd gone with the strategy we went with for the last few games and not played two many weaker players together our season could have been so much different. However we have some exciting younger players developing so the future is looking brighter for our club long term. Hopefully next season we can push on and get more results like this.

League Play Off 2nd Leg
Lear (AC Milan): Disappointed to lose in the playoffs but we had a good end to the season

League Play Off Final
Taker (Manchester Utd): Oh Shit - promotion was not mean't to happen - obviously we wanted to play a few good games in the play offs - but Man U achieved their goals just by reaching the playoffs to carry on building next season - just shows you can actually win stuff without the top rating players and a team of die hards with the right attitude !!! - Sorry Bruffio that didn't go to plan