Division 1, Week 9

AC Milan 2 - 1 Arsenal

Division One League Match, AC Milan vs. Arsenal (Sun Dec 23)

                             AC Milan  |  Arsenal
                          4-1-2-1-2 C  |  5-3-2 L
                    Darren Broadhurst  |  Adrian Dalmedo
                     M_Steklenburg GK  |  GK D_James
                         P_McGrath DF  |  DF G_Collins
                            Y_Mina DF  |  DF R_Holding
                              Hugo DF  |  DF S_Ramos
                           Ricadio DF  |  DF P_Evra
                         Leroy_Fer DM  |  DF D_Burn
                              Jese MF  |  MF T_Cruise
                            J_Cole MF  |  MF D_Rocastle
                            Imbula AM  |  MF S_Matthews
                       D_Stanfield FW  |  FW P_Crouch
                          L_Suarez FW  |  FW D_Murphy
                            Adrian SUB |  SUB Pepe_Reina
                           S_Mario SUB |  SUB C_Blewitt
                            Alexis SUB |  SUB Bebeto
                      D_Boerrigter SUB |  SUB R_Savage
                             Pezza SUB |  SUB Ricardo

Referee: C_V_Carballo (Spain)

Min. 4  :(amn) Curled in dangerously from Imbula to L_Suarez
          ...  Cleared by G_Collins
Min. 5  :(amn) Leroy_Fer knocks it past S_Ramos and runs onto it
          ...  He leaves the defender standing
          ...  Leroy_Fer tries one from the edge of the box !
          ...  D_James parries it, he follows it up
          ...  GOAL !!
          ...  The defence had gone walk about!
          ...  AC Milan go in front now with that goal!
          ...  AC Milan 1-0 Arsenal ...
Min. 5  :(arn) Arsenal switch to playing A
Min. 5  :(arn) S_Ramos makes the tackle
          ...  Y_Mina reads the game well and cuts out the pass!
Min. 14 :(arn) D_Murphy turns nicely onto the ball
          ...  Hugo with an ugly foul
          ...  The fans are chanting "OFF!!! OFF!!!
          ...  It's a yellow, and rightly so
          ...  YELLOW CARD!!
Min. 14 :(arn) D_Rocastle with a superb first touch
          ...  He sees a team mate making a run!
          ...  He plays the ball across to him!
          ...  D_Burn gets on the end of the pass
          ...  But P_McGrath wins the ball
Min. 23 :(arn) T_Cruise bursts forward
          ...  D_Stanfield with the high feet
          ...  Shown a YELLOW CARD!!
          ...  He'll need to be careful from now on
Min. 24 :(amn) L_Suarez dribbles it into the box
          ...  T_Cruise with a bad challenge
          ...  The fans are chanting "OFF!!! OFF!!!
          ...  He got away with just a warning
Min. 25 :(arn) D_Murphy turns well with ball
          ...  He has some space now
          ...  D_Murphy with the drive!
          ...  It's gone over
          ...  Well he must have left his shooting boots at home for that one
Min. 26 :(arn) S_Matthews runs down the flank
          ...  He threads the ball in to P_Crouch
          ...  A vicious shot by P_Crouch !
          ...  But M_Steklenburg punches it away
          ...  He took a knock there
          ...  His manager is looking on anxiously
          ...  He's ok to carry on
Min. 29 :(amn) Leroy_Fer has it now
          ...  He takes on S_Ramos
          ...  He gets past him!
          ...  He puts in L_Suarez!
          ...  S_Ramos recovers to win the ball back
Min. 29 :(amn) Leroy_Fer is taking a throw in
          ...  He sees a man in space!
          ...  He throws it to D_Stanfield
          ...  D_Murphy with an ugly foul
          ...  The fans are chanting "OFF!!! OFF!!!
          ...  YELLOW CARD!!
          ...  He was lucky to escape with a caution!
          ...  Darren Broadhurst looks bemused that it wasn't more!
Min. 32 :(arn) P_Crouch knocks the ball past P_McGrath
          ...  J_Cole knocks him to the floor
          ...  The fans are calling for a penalty!
          ...  But C_V_Carballo just turns away!
Min. 34 :(amn) D_Stanfield with the kinky dribble
          ...  G_Collins with an ugly foul
          ...  There's no place in the game for that kind of challenge
Min. 35 :(amn) Jese sprints down the wing
          ...  He knocks it past the defender into space!
          ...  He puts in a square ball!
          ...  L_Suarez runs onto it
          ...  He uses a clever change of direction to go past the defender
          ...  L_Suarez is through on goal!
          ...  The flag stays down
          ...  He just has D_James to beat
          ...  He dinks it over D_James
          ...  It goes over!!
Min. 35 :(arn) D_Burn runs at Y_Mina
          ...  The defender slips and falls over
          ...  What a shot from D_Burn !
          ...  It could go anywhere
          ...  GOAL !!
          ...  In off the post
          ...  All square, that should make things interesting!
          ...  AC Milan 1-1 Arsenal ...
Min. 36 :(arn) D_Murphy sidesteps J_Cole
          ...  That was too easy
          ...  D_Murphy with a powerful diving header!
          ...  M_Steklenburg manages to turn it behind
          ...  CORNER!
          ...  S_Matthews curls it into the box!
          ...  M_Steklenburg catches it!
Min. 39 :(amn) Imbula with the flick on
          ...  He plays the ball across to D_Stanfield
          ...  D_Stanfield with the side footed shot!
          ...  But he somehow misses
          ...  The Arsenal fans laugh at him
Min. 43 :(REF) The 4th official signals that there are 3 minutes of time to be added on
Min. 43 :(arn) D_Murphy chests it down
          ...  D_Murphy with the deft touch!
          ...  He hits the ball towards goal!
          ...  But he puts it wide
          ...  How did he manage to miss that?
Min. 44 :(arn) T_Cruise finds D_Murphy with a perfectly weighted pass
          ...  Leroy_Fer wins the ball with ease
          ...  C_V_Carballo saw something no-one else did
Min. 44 :(arn) S_Matthews knocks it forward
          ...  Ricadio slips
          ...  P_Crouch gets to it!
          ...  P_Crouch chases it through, he must score !
          ...  But M_Steklenburg just gets his fingers to that one
          ...  C_V_Carballo has given a goal kick
          ...  Unbelievable !
Min. 45 :(arn) D_Rocastle hits the ball through the heart of the defence
          ...  S_Matthews latches onto it!
          ...  D_Stanfield with the high feet
Min. 46 :(amn) Hugo crosses in from the wing, he finds D_Stanfield in the box
          ...  D_Burn brings him down in the area
          ...  There can only be one outcome surely!
          ...  But C_V_Carballo waves play on!!!

*************  HALF TIME  ****************
Half Time Score: AC Milan 1-1 Arsenal

Min. 46 :(amn) Y_Mina flicks it over P_Evra's head
          ...  He showed some great skill there!
          ...  Y_Mina chases it through, he must score !
          ...  D_James parries it
          ...  The defender clears it
Min. 53 :(arn) P_Crouch takes possession on the halfway line
          ...  He runs forward with the ball
          ...  He skips past the challenges
          ...  P_Crouch with the header !
          ...  M_Steklenburg makes the save
          ...  He hits the ball up field!
Min. 61 :(amn) D_Stanfield with an inch perfect pass to P_McGrath
          ...  S_Ramos slides in hard!
          ...  And knocks the ball out for a throw!
Min. 66 :(amn) D_Stanfield barges S_Ramos off the ball
          ...  D_Stanfield cracks a laser towards goal !
          ...  It's well wide!
          ...  9 times out of ten he would have scored that!
Min. 67 :(amn) It looks like the manager is going to make a few changes to his side.
          ...  Alexis will come on for Leroy_Fer and play MF
Min. 69 :(amn) L_Suarez sprints down the flank
          ...  He threads the ball in to D_Stanfield
          ...  D_Stanfield has his eyes on the goal!
          ...  He fires the ball goal ward!
          ...  He couldn't have hit that shot much better!!
          ...  D_James tips it over !!
          ...  Great goalkeeping there!
          ...  CORNER!
          ...  Imbula chips the ball in towards the far post!
          ...  The ball finds its way to Alexis
          ...  He gets the shot away
          ...  It takes a deflection!
          ...  But flies wide of the post!
          ...  CORNER!
          ...  P_McGrath chips the ball in towards the back post!
          ...  It goes straight into the arms of D_James
Min. 69 :(arn) G_Collins with a first time pass
          ...  P_Crouch runs onto it!
          ...  P_Crouch with a powerful downward header!
          ...  M_Steklenburg with a superb tip over the bar
          ...  He showed great Reflexes there
          ...  CORNER!
          ...  P_Evra chips the ball in towards the far post!
          ...  M_Steklenburg fists it away!
Min. 70 :(arn) S_Matthews looks for options
          ...  His team mate makes an overlapping run now!
          ...  He knocks a through ball to T_Cruise
          ...  T_Cruise blasts it at the goal !
          ...  The shot slips through M_Steklenburg's hands
          ...  But M_Steklenburg recovers to save!
          ...  He got away with that!
Min. 72 :(arn) P_Evra kills the ball dead
          ...  Beautiful turn
          ...  He could get a shot of here
          ...  But he steps on the ball and falls over!
          ...  Alexis looks embarrassed to take the ball off him!
Min. 72 :(amn) Ricadio finds D_Stanfield on the edge of the box
          ...  D_James is called for the holding foul
          ...  Looked like a fair jump
          ...  The referee got it wrong
          ...  C_V_Carballo calls him over
          ...  C_V_Carballo is taking his time with him!
          ...  YELLOW CARD!!
          ...  FREE KICK!
          ...  Right on the edge of the box!
          ...  L_Suarez hits it over the wall
          ...  But D_James parries the ball
          ...  It's picked up by the defender, much to the relief of the crowd
Min. 73 :(arn) D_Murphy skips past a challenge and gets over a cross to P_Crouch
          ...  P_Crouch attempts to drive it home!
          ...  It hits the bar!!
          ...  But he picks up the rebound
          ...  OHHHHHHHH !!
          ...  He's put it wide
Min. 74 :(arn) P_Evra plays it forward to P_Crouch
          ...  Y_Mina wins the ball
Min. 75 :(amn) L_Suarez with a precise ball to Y_Mina
          ...  A delicate header from Y_Mina !
          ...  D_James is beaten!
          ...  It hits the bar!!
          ...  And goes clear
Min. 76 :(amn) P_McGrath runs at S_Ramos
          ...  He takes it past him
          ...  P_Evra with a perfectly timed tackle
Min. 76 :(amn) D_Stanfield with a perfectly timed run
          ...  G_Collins rushes in with a clumsy challenge!!
          ...  That's a foul!!
          ...  He gets a YELLOW CARD!!
          ...  He'll need to be careful from now on
Min. 80 :(amn) It looks like the manager is going to make a few changes to his side.
          ...  Pezza will come on for D_Stanfield and play FW
Min. 81 :(amn) Alexis crosses in from the wing, he finds Imbula in the box
          ...  T_Cruise slices it
          ...  D_James moves quickly!!
          ...  He can't get there!
          ...  It inches just wide!
          ...  CORNER!
          ...  Alexis drives it into the box!
          ...  D_James easily claims the ball!
Min. 82 :(amn) S_Mario is coming on and Y_Mina is being brought off
          ...  Looks likely he will go and play DF
Min. 83 :(amn) J_Cole boots it towards L_Suarez
          ...  L_Suarez is clean through!
          ...  The linesman has his flag raised
          ...  But C_V_Carballo waves play on
          ...  He just has to beat D_James
          ...  He nutmegs D_James
          ...  GOAL !!
          ...  Have AC Milan stolen the win late on with that goal?
          ...  AC Milan 2-1 Arsenal ...
Min. 83 :(amn) AC Milan restructured their strategy to D
Min. 83 :(arn) Bebeto is coming on for D_Burn and will play MF
Min. 83 :(arn) Ricardo will come on for D_Rocastle and play FW
Min. 83 :(amn) J_Cole breaks clear of the defence!
          ...  He is clean through on D_James!
          ...  S_Matthews brings him down!
          ...  C_V_Carballo calls him over!
          ...  YELLOW CARD!
          ...  He is lucky not to have seen red!
          ...  FREE KICK
          ...  It is deep inside there own half
          ...  J_Cole plays it short to L_Suarez
          ...  L_Suarez could have let it bounce!
          ...  It floats over D_James
          ...  Its heading goal ward!
          ...  But floats just over
          ...  That was a great effort
Min. 87 :(amn) Jese curls the ball out wide to L_Suarez
          ...  L_Suarez sights up the goal
          ...  He shoots!
          ...  The fans get off there seats!
          ...  But it sails over !!
Min. 88 :(REF) The board goes up indicating that there are 3 minutes of time to be added on
Min. 89 :(amn) Ricadio drives the ball across field
          ...  It comes to L_Suarez
          ...  But R_Holding clears the danger
Min. 89 :(arn) Bebeto takes advantage of a mistake by Ricadio
          ...  That mistake could prove costly
          ...  Ricadio does well to get the tackle in
Min. 90 :(arn) Ricardo brings the ball under control
          ...  He sees a team mate in space!
          ...  He plays the ball in to him!
          ...  R_Holding gets on the end of the pass
          ...  R_Holding unleashes a pile driver !
          ...  But M_Steklenburg makes a fine save

*************  FULL TIME  ****************

Match Details
Venue                : San Siro Stadium
Attendance           : 75,000
AC Milan Match Info
Best player          : L_Suarez (Man of the Match)
Scorers              : Leroy_Fer (5), L_Suarez (83)
Sent Off             : N/A
Booked               : Hugo (14), D_Stanfield (23)
Injured              : N/A
Arsenal Match Info
Best player          : P_Crouch
Scorers              : D_Burn (35)
Sent Off             : N/A
Booked               : D_Murphy (29), D_James (72), G_Collins (76), S_Matthews (83)
Injured              : N/A

Match Statistics
                             AC Milan     |     Arsenal
Attempts on Goal     :          12        |       11
Off target           :           7        |       3
On target            :           5        |       8
Possession           :          48        |       52
Corners              :           3        |       2
Red Cards            :           0        |       0
Yellow Cards         :           2        |       4
Subs Used            :           3        |       2
Fouls                :          10        |       8
Key Tackles          :           6        |       7
Key Passes           :          14        |       8
Final Score          : AC Milan 2 - 1 Arsenal

Player Statistics - AC Milan
Name          Pos  St  Tk  Ps  Sh  Ag | Min Sav Ktk Kps Ass Sht Gls Yel Red KAb TAb PAb SAb
M_Steklenburg  GK  37   3   1   1  32 |  96   9   0   0   0   0   0   0   0  35   0   0   0
P_McGrath      DF   1  28  12   7  12 |  96   0   1   0   0   0   0   0   0   0  20   0   0