Division 1 - Stats Week 14


R_Holding (arn) is coming back from injury
Drexler (chs) is injured for 1 week with a broken toe


G_Collins (arn) is coming back from suspension
R_Sharp (tth) is coming back from suspension
R_Tomassi (bfa) is coming back from suspension
J_Bolm (bfa) is coming back from suspension
B_Dugnutt (bfa) is coming back from suspension
Platini (lyn) is coming back from suspension
S_Ramos (arn) is suspended for 3 games

Skill Changes

Kommper (chs) Tk increases
Baresi (sao) Tk increases
R_Savage (arn) Tk increases
Leroy_Fer (amn) Sh increases
A_R_Essien (tth) Ps increases
G_Fofana (fcp) Ps increases

Gate Receipts

Chelsea                        3249288    Newcastle
Valencia                       3960000    Sao_Paulo_FC
Hearts                         2700000    Arsenal
AC_Milan                       2700000    Manchester_City
Lyon                           2880000    Benfica
Tottenham                      3060000    FC_Porto


arn 1847503
mnc 1470660
fcp 2056132
nwt 1938739
sao 1826784
tth 1608531
bfa 1954366
hts 1858222
lyn 1704884
vla 2065759
amn 1463482
chs 1893378

Match Stats

Team of the Week
GK: Dante_Silva               (sao)
DF: M_Zeffane                 (bfa)
DF: B_Ivanovic                (vla)
DF: A_Nouri                   (vla)
DF: P_McGrath                 (amn)
MF: D_Savicevic               (chs)
MF: Park                      (chs)
MF: W_Zaha                    (nwt)
MF: Leroy_Fer                 (amn)
FW: A_Carroll                 (nwt)
FW: Hugo_Sanchez              (tth)

Weekly Breakdown
Total Goals:- 9
Goals From :-
Defenders  : 0
Midfielders: 3
Forwards   : 5
Own Goals  : 1

Weekly Totals
Shots            : 134
Shots On target  : 70
Shots Off target : 64
Fouls            : 114
Yellow Cards     : 16
Red Cards        : 1
Corners          : 28