Division 1 - Stats Week 18


Yeboah (irm) is coming back from injury
Doriva (tth) is injured for 0 weeks after shaking off a minor injury
Daley_Blind (shk) is injured for 2 weeks with a swollen ankle
K_De_Bruyn (osa) is injured for 1 week with a swollen shoulder
R_Savage (arn) is injured for 1 week with a broken wrist


C_Blewitt (arn) is coming back from suspension
Luke_Shaw (osa) is coming back from suspension
Z_Camara (osa) is coming back from suspension
D_Carvajal (sao) is coming back from suspension
A_Johnson (tth) is coming back from suspension
N_Nalise (shk) is coming back from suspension
Adriano (shk) is suspended for 1 game
Marquinhos (psg) is suspended for 1 game
Jinky (mnc) is suspended for 3 games
P_Senderos (vla) is suspended for 1 game
J_R_Riquelme (vla) is suspended for 2 games

Skill Changes

T_Hurlock (tth) Sh increases
V_Mosthovoy (irm) Tk increases
J_Tavernier (irm) Tk increases
B_Matuidi (irm) Sh decreases
A_McLeish (wbn) Sh decreases

Gate Receipts

Tottenham                      1999970    Schalke_04
Inter_Milan                    3500000    Juventus
Werder_Bremen                  3372740    Osasuna
Paris_Saint_Germain            2345000    Sao_Paulo_FC
Hearts                         2625000    Manchester_City
Valencia                       3850000    Arsenal


arn 1730961
psg 1576722
jvt 1634157
osa 1827601
sao 1863195
tth 1601696
wbn 2193030
hts 1741784
irm 2411507
vla 2021559
shk 1466341
mnc 1443757

Match Stats

Team of the Week
GK: E_Thorstvedt              (jvt)
DF: A_Ramsey                  (psg)
DF: X_Alonso                  (tth)
DF: A_Wisdom                  (tth)
DF: G_Hanley                  (jvt)
MF: Shaqiri                   (psg)
MF: A_Addey                   (hts)
MF: E_Gabor                   (tth)
MF: K_De_Bruyn                (osa)
FW: N_Kanu                    (psg)
FW: D_Murphy                  (arn)

Weekly Breakdown
Total Goals:- 14
Goals From :-
Defenders  : 0
Midfielders: 4
Forwards   : 10
Own Goals  : 0

Weekly Totals
Shots            : 102
Shots On target  : 65
Shots Off target : 37
Fouls            : 113
Yellow Cards     : 22
Red Cards        : 2
Corners          : 30