Division 1 - Stats Week 5


R_Holding (arn) is coming back from injury
R_Higuita (msl) is coming back from injury
S_Ramos (arn) is injured for 0 weeks after shaking off a minor injury
S_Howey (tth) is injured for 2 weeks with a head injury
Paas_De_Boll (jvt) is injured for 1 week with a cracked ankle bone


Maldini (jvt) is coming back from suspension
J_Zanetti (sao) is suspended for 1 game

Skill Changes

J_Pedro (msl) Ps increases
S_Byram (msl) Tk increases
D_James (arn) St increases
T_Cruise (arn) Ps increases
R_Acquafresca (rfc) Sh increases
F_Totti (sao) Sh increases
Savic (jvt) St increases
K_Femenia (jvt) Tk increases

Gate Receipts

AS_Roma                        2435895    Paris_Saint_Germain
Marseille                      5250000    Arsenal
Rangers_FC                     5019035    Lyon
Sao_Paulo_FC                   3814405    Tottenham
Everton                        4690000    Valencia
AC_Milan                       2625000    Juventus


arn 1499223
psg 1512695
jvt 1382604
evn 1759228
sao 1659853
tth 1312161
rfc 2147767
msl 2272960
lyn 1500841
vla 2181482
amn 1365421
asr 1563742

Match Stats

Team of the Week
GK: I_Casillas                (evn)
DF: T_Roberts                 (evn)
DF: G_Collins                 (arn)
DF: L_Koscielny               (msl)
DF: Ricadio                   (amn)
MF: Leroy_Fer                 (amn)
MF: A_Gunnarsson              (rfc)
MF: F_Ravanelli               (rfc)
MF: Ze_Roberto                (psg)
FW: F_Totti                   (sao)
FW: R_Acquafresca             (rfc)

Weekly Breakdown
Total Goals:- 7
Goals From :-
Defenders  : 0
Midfielders: 2
Forwards   : 5
Own Goals  : 0

Weekly Totals
Shots            : 125
Shots On target  : 53
Shots Off target : 72
Fouls            : 97
Yellow Cards     : 13
Red Cards        : 1
Corners          : 32