Division 1 - Stats Week 7


M_Steklenburg (amn) is coming back from injury
L_Cubas (hts) is injured for 0 weeks after shaking off a minor injury


W_Van_Boer (vla) is coming back from suspension
J_Cole (amn) is suspended for 1 game
J_R_Riquelme (vla) is suspended for 1 game

Skill Changes

P_Jones (lyn) Tk increases
R_Pires (tth) Ps increases
E_Cavani (hts) Sh increases
Maxi (fcp) Tk increases
M_Vucinic (chs) Ps decreases
C_Fuchs (mnc) Sh increases
Baresi (sao) Sh increases
M_Barry (sao) Ps increases

Gate Receipts

Newcastle                      3488292    Lyon
AC_Milan                       2700000    Tottenham
Hearts                         2700000    FC_Porto
Valencia                       3960000    Benfica
Chelsea                        3312000    Manchester_City
Sao_Paulo_FC                   3960000    Arsenal

Match Stats

Team of the Week
GK: F_Foster                  (bfa)
DF: C_Barr                    (fcp)
DF: Maxi                      (fcp)
DF: S_Bradley                 (fcp)
DF: A_Van_Buuren              (vla)
MF: M_James                   (fcp)
MF: G_Fofana                  (fcp)
MF: D_Pereira                 (fcp)
MF: R_Neves                   (fcp)
FW: G_Mixon                   (fcp)
FW: A_Langlitz                (fcp)

Weekly Breakdown
Total Goals:- 14
Goals From :-
Defenders  : 5
Midfielders: 4
Forwards   : 5
Own Goals  : 0

Weekly Totals
Shots            : 184
Shots On target  : 109
Shots Off target : 75
Fouls            : 113
Yellow Cards     : 10
Red Cards        : 2
Corners          : 30