Division 2 - Stats Week 15


D_Luiz (amd) is coming back from injury
J_Henderson (lpl) is coming back from injury
G_Buffon (sun) is injured for 4 weeks with a twisted knee


M_Friedrich (lpl) is coming back from suspension
M_Manz (nwt) is coming back from suspension
Mo_Diame (chs) is coming back from suspension
A_Brehme (sun) is suspended for 2 games
Christinoa (sun) is suspended for 2 games
M_Delvecchio (bor) is suspended for 1 game

Skill Changes

G_McSheffrey (asr) Ps increases
N_Ben_Khalifa (asr) Ps increases
D_Baggio (asr) Tk increases
G_Cooper (lpl) Ps increases
Doria (chs) Sh increases
Lazo (bor) Tk increases
M_Steklenburg (amn) St increases

Gate Receipts

Lyon                           2400000    Aston_Villa
Manchester_Utd                 1755808    Sunderland
AS_Roma                        2240000    Feyenoord
Liverpool                      1920000    Newcastle
Chelsea                        2800000    Atletico_Madrid
Borussia_Dortmund              2585088    AC_Milan


amd 1683937
mnu 1574645
bor 1375922
lyn 1344114
amn 1607535
fyd 1509518
lpl 1811252
asv 1368413
nwt 1705105
sun 1443334
asr 1723902
chs 1505161

Match Stats

Team of the Week
GK: I_Banks                   (bor)
DF: O_Price                   (lpl)
DF: N_Burdisso                (asr)
DF: E_Richards                (sun)
DF: D_E_Boyata                (asv)
MF: Robinho                   (mnu)
MF: R_Castias                 (chs)
MF: Kaka                      (asv)
MF: G_Driver                  (asv)
FW: Brian_Lavery              (mnu)
FW: A_Ribbery                 (mnu)

Weekly Breakdown
Total Goals:- 21
Goals From :-
Defenders  : 5
Midfielders: 6
Forwards   : 10
Own Goals  : 0

Weekly Totals
Shots            : 183
Shots On target  : 106
Shots Off target : 77
Fouls            : 102
Yellow Cards     : 14
Red Cards        : 3
Corners          : 25