Elite League - Stats Week 19


R_Kopa (brc) is coming back from injury
L_Fabianski (abn) is injured for 2 weeks with a gashed leg
M_Cassetti (irm) is injured for 1 week with a slight knock


L_Clark (irm) is coming back from suspension
G_Sigurdsson (irm) is coming back from suspension
A_Pereira (abn) is coming back from suspension
J_Tessem (sfc) is coming back from suspension
J_Stam (aja) is suspended for 1 game
Stefano (bfa) is suspended for 2 games
N_Subotic (sfc) is suspended for 1 game
B_Hangeland (osa) is suspended for 1 game

Skill Changes

M_Zetterer (brc) St increases
G_Bale (brc) Tk increases
Ciaran_Clark (brc) Ps increases
Tomas_Rosicky (aja) Ps increases
Almen_Abdi (abn) Ps increases
Bar (sfc) Sh increases
C_Eriksen (osa) Ps increases
M_Tudgay (bnm) Tk increases

Gate Receipts

Real_Madrid                    6000000    Celtic_FC
Barcelona                      6000000    Ajax
Aberdeen                       4800000    FC_Porto
Inter_Milan                    4400000    Benfica
Santos_FC                      5781120    Hearts
Osasuna                        4000000    Bayern_Munich


osa 2629105
bnm 2433856
irm 2641647
cfc 2945252
hts 1910691
abn 2367956
aja 2680083
bfa 2869755
rmd 3131893
sfc 2499583
fcp 2261315
brc 3648490

Match Stats

Team of the Week
GK: A_Marshall                (sfc)
DF: Ciaran_Clark              (brc)
DF: A_Van_Buuren              (bfa)
DF: Leonardo                  (sfc)
DF: C_Thomson                 (bfa)
MF: K_Richard                 (sfc)
MF: S_Marsden                 (sfc)
MF: Emerson_Jr                (sfc)
MF: D_Pereira                 (fcp)
FW: Bojan                     (sfc)
FW: Emerson                   (abn)

Weekly Breakdown
Total Goals:- 6
Goals From :-
Defenders  : 1
Midfielders: 3
Forwards   : 2
Own Goals  : 0

Weekly Totals
Shots            : 133
Shots On target  : 64
Shots Off target : 69
Fouls            : 103
Yellow Cards     : 14
Red Cards        : 3
Corners          : 26