Elite FA Cup Group Game 3 - Weekly Stats


Y_Stamm (vla) is coming back from injury
Marco_Rojo (arn) is coming back from injury
C_Barr (fcp) is coming back from injury
C_Smalling (vla) is injured for 0 weeks after shaking off a minor injury


B_Payne (abn) is coming back from suspension
R_Hendry (abn) is coming back from suspension
R_Ayala (vla) is coming back from suspension
G_Mixon (fcp) is coming back from suspension
H_Son (brc) is coming back from suspension
D_Walker (psg) is suspended for 2 games
W_Reid (mnc) is suspended for 2 games
G_v_der_Wiel (sao) is suspended for 1 game
Bebeto (arn) is suspended for 1 game

Skill Changes

R_Pletikosa (aja) Ps increases
S_Van_Doorn (hts) Tk increases
M_Vucinic (chs) Ps decreases
A_Langlitz (mnc) Sh increases
Taliyah (arn) Sh increases
Yann_M_Vila (bfa) Tk increases
B_Matuidi (irm) Sh increases

Gate Receipts

Aberdeen                       4800000    Bayern_Munich
Schalke_04                     2695000    Ajax
Hearts                         2625000    Marseille
Chelsea                        2944000    Valencia
Santos_FC                      6000000    Rangers_FC
Lyon                           2339040    Paris_Saint_Germain
Celtic_FC                      4800000    Manchester_City
Sao_Paulo_FC                   3850000    Everton
FC_Porto                       6000000    Real_Madrid
Sunderland                     2400000    Arsenal
Benfica                        5240000    Barcelona
Osasuna                        2800000    Inter_Milan

Match Stats

Team of the Week
GK: G_Buffon                  (sun)
DF: C_Kickaball               (sao)
DF: S_Kolasinac               (aja)
DF: L_Digne                   (psg)
DF: D_Aitken                  (sun)
MF: J_R_Riquelme              (vla)
MF: K_De_Bruyn                (osa)
MF: Saruman                   (vla)
MF: T_Muller                  (osa)
FW: P_McGowan                 (cfc)
FW: R_M_Perry                 (sun)

Weekly Breakdown
Total Goals:- 37
Goals From :-
Defenders  : 9
Midfielders: 13
Forwards   : 13
Own Goals  : 2

Weekly Totals
Shots            : 343
Shots On target  : 198
Shots Off target : 145
Fouls            : 212
Yellow Cards     : 37
Red Cards        : 3
Corners          : 66