Elite FA Cup Group Game 5 - Weekly Stats


T_Flowers (wbn) is coming back from injury
Daley_Blind (shk) is injured for 1 week with a broken wrist
R_Higuita (msl) is injured for 2 weeks with a swollen ankle


F_Kainz (wbn) is coming back from suspension
C_Makelele (cfc) is coming back from suspension
A_Cejudo (cfc) is coming back from suspension
Sheringham (msl) is coming back from suspension
Danilo (bor) is coming back from suspension
T_Henry (abn) is coming back from suspension
H_Maguire (evn) is coming back from suspension
G_Puciato (aja) is suspended for 1 game
D_Kuzmanovic (rmd) is suspended for 2 games
K_Coman (fyd) is suspended for 1 game
L_Gasparotto (brc) is suspended for 1 game
P_A_Cocu (cfc) is suspended for 1 game
T_Finder (osa) is suspended for 2 games

Skill Changes

R_Nainggolan (bnm) Ps increases
C_Metzelder (chs) Sh increases
Juanfran (irm) Tk increases
M_Canete (wbn) Tk increases
M_Kruse (wbn) Sh increases
A_Ranocchia (rmd) Tk increases
D_Carvajal (rmd) Ps increases
Xavi (brc) Sh increases
P_A_Cocu (cfc) Ps increases
Eduardo (cfc) Tk increases
Luke_Shaw (osa) Sh increases
L_Figo (asr) Ps increases
M_Salah (nwt) Tk increases
Papakoli_Diop (abn) Tk increases
Emerson (abn) Sh increases
S_Marsden (sfc) Ps increases

Gate Receipts

Bayern_Munich                  5723360    Liverpool
Chelsea                        3312000    Ajax
Inter_Milan                    4258188    Schalke_04
Werder_Bremen                  3600000    Real_Madrid
Juventus                       4814352    Feyenoord
Benfica                        4716000    Barcelona
Rangers_FC                     5304168    Manchester_Utd
AC_Milan                       2700000    Celtic_FC
Osasuna                        3644280    AS_Roma
Newcastle                      3200000    Marseille
Aberdeen                       4679600    Borussia_Dortmund
Everton                        4824000    Santos_FC

Match Stats

Team of the Week
GK: Y_Sankhare                (msl)
DF: R_Huth                    (sfc)
DF: G_Hanley                  (bnm)
DF: Oscar                     (sfc)
DF: E_Silva                   (irm)
MF: S_Marsden                 (sfc)
MF: A_Ben_Hatira              (osa)
MF: Shaqiri                   (bor)
MF: J_Crujff                  (aja)
FW: H_Kane                    (bnm)
FW: Z_Zidane                  (msl)

Weekly Breakdown
Total Goals:- 38
Goals From :-
Defenders  : 8
Midfielders: 6
Forwards   : 21
Own Goals  : 3

Weekly Totals
Shots            : 321
Shots On target  : 172
Shots Off target : 149
Fouls            : 205
Yellow Cards     : 23
Red Cards        : 5
Corners          : 71